#SAMBHAV Initiative Launched by Honourable Cabinet Minister Shri Pratap Keshari Deb

Empowering Minds: #SAMBHAV Initiative Launched by Honourable Cabinet Minister Shri Pratap Keshari Deb

Angul, Odisha - August 15, 2023

In a remarkable step towards addressing mental and behavioral health concerns, Honourable Cabinet Minister Shri Pratap Keshari Deb unveiled the pioneering #SAMBHAV (Sustainable Approach for Eliminating Mental & Behavioral Health-Associated Vulnerability) initiative on the momentous occasion of the 77th Independence Day. The inauguration ceremony took place in Angul, Odisha, and witnessed the participation of esteemed individuals, including Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi, who have dedicated their efforts to the cause of mental well-being.

The #SAMBHAV initiative marks a significant milestone in the nation's journey towards comprehensive mental health care. With an ever-increasing recognition of the importance of mental health, especially in the wake of the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the initiative aims to create a sustainable framework for eliminating vulnerability associated with cognitive and behavioral health issues. The comprehensive approach of #SAMBHAV encompasses awareness, accessibility, and advocacy, aiming to build a society that prioritizes mental health on par with physical health.

During the inauguration ceremony, Honourable Minister Shri Pratap Keshari Deb emphasized the urgency of addressing mental health concerns, stating, "As we celebrate our nation's freedom, it is equally important to liberate minds from the shackles of mental health stigma. The #SAMBHAV initiative is a testimony to our commitment to creating a society where every individual can seek help without hesitation and receive the support they deserve."

The presence of Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi, a prominent figure in the mental health field, added credence to the launch of #SAMBHAV. Dr. Pattojoshi's tireless efforts to raise awareness about mental health issues and his dedication to providing accessible mental health support have garnered admiration nationwide. His attendance at the inauguration ceremony symbolizes the collaborative approach required to tackle the multifaceted challenges of mental health.

#SAMBHAV's multi-pronged strategy focuses on destigmatizing mental health concerns, promoting open conversations, and ensuring that mental health services are accessible to all segments of society. The initiative will work towards integrating mental health education into schools, colleges, and workplaces, fostering an environment where individuals can identify signs of distress and extend support to those in need. Additionally, #SAMBHAV aims to create a network of mental health professionals, helplines, and community centers to provide timely assistance to those seeking help.

The launch of #SAMBHAV comes at a time when the world is realizing the profound impact of mental health on overall well-being and productivity. The initiative aligns with global efforts to prioritize mental health in the Sustainable Development Goals, acknowledging that a mentally healthy population is pivotal to achieving sustainable and inclusive development.

As the #SAMBHAV initiative takes its first steps towards transforming the mental health landscape of the nation, it is a reminder that progress is achieved not only through economic and technological advancements but also by fostering a compassionate society that values the mental health of its citizens. The collaborative efforts of leaders like Honourable Cabinet Minister Shri Pratap Keshari Deb and advocates like Dr. Amrit Pattojoshi ignite hope for a future where mental health is no longer a marginalized concern but a cornerstone of a thriving and resilient nation.